Bag Arya
Bag Arya
Bag Arya
Bag Arya

Bag Arya

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Straw and tanned Cowhide Leather.

Care Instructions

Never use detergents, soap, ammonia-based cleansers or any other chemical substances for cleaning.

Abrasive materials can also damage leather.
When cleaning, use dry cloth for leathers and a soft brush for suede or nobuck.

Ryzí products can not be washed. In the case of your product getting wet, allow it to dry naturally in the shade.

Lighter toned leathers stain more easily, especially when in contact with other colored or fatty products such as died leathers & fabrics, skincare creams and hydrating oils.

Ink pens can also stain the leather.

Leathers with a varnished finish require more careful attention and should not be stored with other colored pieces.

Suede and varnished leathers absorb more dirt, fat and color pigment. Avoid this type of contact so to increase Ryzí products durability.

Always store your Ryzí products in a dust bag or pillow cover. Keep your Ryzí products in a dry, airy, cool and dark place.

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