Ginseng & Caffeine Toning Body Lotion


400 mL / 13.5 fl. oz

Energizing ginseng extract, bio-available caffeine, and pure Quinoa oil. These three power-elements create the ultimate blend for toning and sculpting the skin. Expect a refreshed look and feel in only 28 days.

  • Evens out skin texture and reduces orange-peel aspect
  • Boosts massage effectiveness in sculpting the silhouette
  • Deeply tones and energizes skin
  • Helps stimulate the skin and reduce cellulite
  • Made with nutrient-rich Quinoa oil

Whole Feeling

Let the stimulating natural properties of Ginseng & Caffeine relieve and refresh your skin in the end of a long day, massaging those clothing marks away with velvety texture, fresh fragrance and deep toning.

How to use

Spread as you please all over the body, massaging gently for a few minutes. Focus on areas where you feel the weariest and where clothes leave the most marks, such as the legs, chest, thighs, belly and back. Use for 28 days to feel the best results.

Recycled PlasticVegan

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