$148.00 $370.00

Skirt with Imported Viscose fabric solid fabric Long, flowing and pleated High waistband, side slit Off white color Take transparency

The model wears Tam S

Washing Instructions Dry clean only. Start at the top of the pleat pleats and iron towards the hem of the skirt. Do this movement while holding the skirt, but be careful not to bring the iron close to your hand. At this stage, be careful not to accidentally go through the other folds of the garment, which can leave the skirt with a strange shape, in addition to completely undoing the folds of the pleat. Avoid ironing from one side to the other so as not to dislodge the creases. Rotate the pleated fabric skirt or dress around the board as you go through the folds. Don't forget to secure them with the clamp. Once you get the hang of it, the process gets faster and faster. You will pace the task at a certain pace and eventually get back to where you started.

Composition 100% Viscose produced abroad UV Protection SPF 50


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